Who are we

Tine Arentsen Willumsen founded Sisterhood as a non-profit charity organisation in 2010. She here explains her motivation for establishing Sisterhood Foundation:

"Life has been good to me; I have been born in a peaceful country where equal rights are considered a birth right. I have had the opportunity of free education, had exciting jobs and travelled across the world.

At this point in my life, I am truly grateful for all the privileges the universe has granted me, and I believe, it is of essence, to now reach out and empower and support the less fortunate girls and women on this planet, who in many 3rd world countries still are treated like 2nd class citizens. Women and children are the most vulnerable during wars, are innocent victims of violence, rape and forced into prostitution or teenage marriages. Girls are often not given access to schools or permitted to get a further education, as boys are prioritized. And some women in certain cultures simply lack the self-confidence, encouragement and actual role models, in order to aim for a career or get into the business world.

I sincerely hope, that you will help me and my own personal sisterhood – the founding committee members - to give a voice to the women, who have none, or bring light and hope to little girls who are fearful and anxious. Let’s join forces and give these women and girls COURAGE; CARE, CHOICES and CHANGE". 


Tine Arentsen Willumsen

Founder of Sisterhood Foundation


The Sisterhood Board:

Tine Arentsen Willumsen, President

Mette Pedersen, Vice President

Anne Sofie Josephsen, Cashier


Sisterhood Members:

Bitten Müller         

Marianne Hyltoft     

Mettte Bohnstedt

Rikke Glad

Helle Ørskov

Mette Nobel

Charlotte Staffeldt

Malene Albrechtsen

Camilla Deichmann

Francesca Lee

Kim Kassel Diethelm