The Sisterhood Foundation strives to support women and girls at all stages in their lives.
By committing to various projects we intend to have a positive impact on the lives of as many girls and women as possible.

AREAS OF SUPPORT within Courage, Care, Choices and Change

Entrepreneurial Support for Widows and Single Mothers
1. Microfinancing - Sisterhood Foundation empowers single mothers and widows, by helping them to start their own businesses through small investments, training and education. Our projects in Chennai, India, now support more than 220 women, who are regaining their self-confidence and are now both providing for their children and themselves. 
2. Women’s Leadership Program - this year we are delighted to announce a new two day Sisterhood course equipping women from the poorest areas of Chennai with the tools to advance in their careers.
3. Skillz on Wheels - is our most recent project, where Sisterhood Foundation has invested in a van equipped with laptops to empower women in hard-to-reach villages with access to technology. 

Medical and Emotional Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence
4. ‘The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care’ – Sisterhood Foundation has since 2017 supported survivors of abuse, specifically female burn victims, and is paying the salaries of four full time staff on the ground, who tirelessly work to rehabilitate and rebuild the lives of the victims and re-unite them with their children.

Educational Support for Students
5. Sisterhood Scholarships - It is often the case that in poor slum areas, a son’s education is prioritized over the daughter, as such, Sisterhood Foundation has been providing more than 100 scholarships annually, to give young teenage girls further college education. 
6. English classes - We are also now providing 600 young girls comprehensive English language teaching to give them a competitive advantage, when going into the workplace or future studies.

Caring for Orphaned Children
7. Girls’ Orphanage – Sisterhood Foundation has just started providing help to a small girls’ orphanage in Chennai where 27 girls aged from 3 to 15 currently live. We have already donated mattresses and sheets but will fundraiser to provide them education, school furniture etc.

During September 2017, two volunteers for the Sisterhood Foundation, Therese and Christian, travelled to Chennai province to see first-hand the impact that the charity has had, and contribute, where possible, to the projects already underway. Having visited some of the small micro-finanaced businesses made possible by the Sisterhood Foudation, the volunteers report how proud the women are of what they have built, and the gratitude they feel towards the foundation which enabled them to gain control of their own future.